Will Samsung Galaxy S5 have dustproof and waterproof features?

Tired of protecting your super expensive smartphone from water, dust or other elements of nature? Well, most smartphone users are exhausted protecting their phone just like an infant. However, tech geeks at Samsung are all geared up to resolve this issue and thus come up with dust free and waterproof Galaxy S5. This is not a novel feature as Sony Xperia Z1 already comes with the aforementioned features. However, the fact remains that for the first time we are going to find these two awesome features in a Samsung phone. The war of smartphones which has begun since Samsung gave a tough feat to iPhone and now it’s on a full scale. The major players are constantly battling it out among themselves to remain in competition and maintain their stake in the market. Therefore, it becomes clear why Samsung has taken up this move and is constantly doing to research to come with better features.


However, all these assumptions about the Galaxy S5 are based on the new published on ET news and has not been confirmed by the company officials yet. This leaves with a lot of opportunity to contemplate about the features of the next flagship phone from Samsung. However, for making Galaxy S5 waterproof Samsung needs to redesign the entire blueprint of the phone as the technology used in waterproof phone is way too different from the normal phone. So it might be so that Samsung is just using some water resistant parts in Galaxy S5 to make their phone ruggedized. This initiative can be justified by the fact that using a whole new technology will affect the cost of the phone and thereby it might remain out of the reach of many consumers. That is why Samsung might just use water resistant spare parts to make it cost effective and at the same time make it more user-friendly.

There has been also rumour about Samsung coming up with its version of Google Glass around the same time when it is releasing Galaxy S5. In all probabilities they are now using a code name for the product and information about this gadget is yet to reach to us. But we will keep our readers updated as soon as we hear something.

There has been no official announcement for the makers itself about S5. So let us keep guessing and see how many of the popular wishes were being fulfilled by Samsung!!

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