Will Samsung Galaxy S5 break the record of Galaxy S4

Within a time span of about one year of the launch of Samsung Galaxy S3, we are again hearing a buzz about the release of Samsung S4, a better and faster android smartphone with much more advanced specifications. Within four months of release of S4, there has been a record breaking sale of 10 million S4 all over the world. However, we are more than sure that Samsung Galaxy S5 is going to create a much greater phenomenon in 2014.

samsung-Galaxy -s5
samsung-Galaxy -s5

Rumour has it, that the next phone from Samsung will have 4 GB RAM support, which is definitely the pioneering specification of this smartphone. No other smartphones that have been released till date have been provided with such colossal memory support. Therefore, the gadget is definitely going to work at lightning fast speed and support multitasking as well.

Till now, one of the biggest complaints with Samsung’s range of smartphone has all been its plastic cover. The plastic cover has been criticized greatly and all of Samsung’s competitors like Sony, iPhone, HTC and others have lured many potential customers by their chic and trendy look as well. However, in its next release Samsung has decided to refurbish this feature as well. Galaxy S5 will come with a pure aluminium body (design 3.0). This is definitely going to be one of the highpoints of Galaxy S5 giving it a look of a premium phone.

Insiders have also tipped us that this palm length smartphone is going to have an inbuilt memory of about 128 GB. Therefore, the users need not insert any external memory card for storing movies, songs, apps, games and lot of other things. However, there will be an SD card slot as well for extending the memory of the phone. This phone will be provided with two cameras and each of them will be equally advanced. The rear camera will have 16 Megapixel and the secondary camera will be of 5MP and thus assuring high quality, crystal clear pictures.

All the major service providers are going to offer this phone on one year contract, therefore making it easier for the Android lovers to invest on it. The phone will be priced at something around 750$. Up till now we did not get any updates on the release date or the best deal or contract of the Samsung Galaxy S5 Smartphone, but we will post it as soon as we come to know about it. If you are planning to upgrade your smartphone, then it will be worth waiting for the a few more months to crack the best deal.

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