What We want to see in Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S4 has been up for sale for quite some time. This smartphone has impressed everyone. The high-end technology used by Samsung in this smartphone has surprised everyone. Maybe that’s the reason why we all are more curious to see what could be there in Samsung Galaxy S5. This is little surprising that the Galaxy S4 has just launched lately, and we have started talking about the Galaxy S5 as well. The expectations from the next-gen Galaxy device are quite high. All gadgets freak out of you must be having some desires in your mind regarding the Galaxy S5. Well, we also do have. We want to see plenty of incredible features in Galaxy S5. Not only us, but many tech analysts, and fans of Samsung want to see many new things in Galaxy S5. The following section will tell you what we want to see in Galaxy S5.


A Flexible Display

This is at the top of our wishlist, and we just hope that Samsung does what we are expecting it to. As you know, the first and foremost thing that matters in any smartphone- is its look. If the look of smartphone is not good, then there is no meaning of opting for it. When the Samsung Galaxy S4 was announced, the people who give a high importance to look of smartphone, were not pleased at all. All such people have neglected the existence of Galaxy S4, and have either opted for any other smartphone. Reason? Well, the outer look of Galaxy S4 is not so impressive. In fact, it is damn poor. Keep the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S4 on a single table. You won’t find any difference in look of both, rather than just the size factor. We don’t want Samsung to repeat the story in Galaxy S5 as well. We just hope that there could be flexible display in Galaxy S5. The work for flexible display is going on already. If Samsung wants to bring a wow factor in Galaxy S5, then it must deliver flexible display in Galaxy S5.

Better Camera

No doubts that Galaxy S4 has good quality camera in it, but something better is always welcomed. We want Samsung to work on the camera part and bring something amazing in the Galaxy S5’s camera. With the features like Dual Shot, the Samsung has already proved that it spends a lot of time in building the camera factor of its smartphone ‘awesome’. We just wish that Samsung keeps doing the hard work in the same way, and introduce more features to us. The camera of Galaxy S4, when compared with camera of its rivals, was not found good enough. We hope that the reviews of tech analysts have reached the ears of Samsung as well, and it will work to make a better camera, better than the best.

Long Battery Backup

The battery lifetime of Galaxy S4 is quite impressive, but we want it to be even more impressive in Galaxy S5. As you know, the features of any particular smartphone are nothing but a big waste if the battery backup is not good. Since the Galaxy S5 would be coming with incredible high-end features, so we just hope that battery backup would be better as well. The long battery backup will ensure the working with smartphone and enjoying its features for a long time. This is what every customer would like to happen, and if Samsung manages to make it happen actually, then it will get a pat on the back from each of its customer. Yeah, boost in the sales graph would be there for sure.

Waterproof Screen

The Sony has done it already. The Xperia Z, and other smartphones by Sony with the ‘Xperia’ tag, that launched lately, are waterproof. The owners of these esteemed devices can have a shower with their smartphone. The owners of Samsung Galaxy S4 can’t take it to the pool. If they do so, their S4 will stop working in no time. If Sony can do, then why the Samsung can’t. The tech experts were expecting the waterproof display in the Galaxy S4, but the final launch made them meet the disappointment only. We seriously don’t want to get disappointed again. We want the waterproof display so that the splash of water would not wash away our hard work that we would put to earn money to buy the Galaxy S5. Samsung has also made some waterproof mobiles, but these are the low-end smartphones only. We demand the waterproof in a high-end smartphone by Samsung; we demand it in the rumored Galaxy S5.

Overall Expectation 

The overall expectation is that – we want an incredible smartphone in our hands which will have bunch of surprises for us. We want the Galaxy S5 to be the coolest smartphone. We would like to invest our hard earned money in this case only. If Samsung does what we expect it to, then we will simply neglect the launch, the existence of Galaxy S5. We would like to pass by the Galaxy S5, to pick any other smartphone, maybe the next-gen iPhone. We are pretty sure that you also want to see the same in Galaxy S5, that we want. If you have any more expectation, then do let us know about that with your comment in the below comment section.

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