What is Samsung Galaxy S5 release date

Samsung next flagship smartphone will be Galaxy S5. But the main question is when the Galaxy SV will be release? The Galaxy S5 will have 16GB main camera and has 128GB of internal memory with 4GB of RAM. In this post I am try to find out the release date of Galaxy S5 on the comparing the release dates of the previous Galaxy S series smartphone. Bookmark SamsungS5Update site for latest update about Galaxy S5.


Please try to remember the release dates of previous Samsung Galaxy S series smartphone like Galaxy S, Galaxy S2, Galaxy S3, and Galaxy S4. Do not worry; I am listing the release date of S series smartphone.

  • Samsung Galaxy s – June 2010.
  • Samsung Galaxy s2 – April 2011.
  • Samsung Galaxy s3 – May 2012.
  • Samsung Galaxy s4 – April 2013.
  • Samsung Galaxy s5 – May 2014.

Please take a close look on the release dates of previous Samsung Galaxy S series Smartphone. The first member of Galaxy S series was release in June 2010, 2nd member Galaxy S2 was release in April 2011, Galaxy S3 in May 2012 and last member of the Galaxy S family was release in April 2013. From looking these dates it quickly becomes clear that Samsung releasing one Samrtphone every year. And next flagship smartphone Galaxy S5 will release in May 2014. Every mobile manufacturing company is releaseing their flagship smartphone once in a year link Apple, HTC, Sony and other. I am waiting for used my hand on Samsung Galaxy S5.

I hope that Samsung Galaxy S5 will be release in next year. Most tentative release date for Galaxy S5 will be May 2014.

According the recent rumors about the Samsung S5, the smartphone features 5.2 inch Ultra HD with 3D display, 16 GB of rear facing camera, 128 GB of internal memory with dual or multi SD card slot, 3500 mAh battery power, 4 GB of RAM and powered by octa Core processor. Samsung S5 will have metallic body according to Design 3.0 but recent reports say that device will have Carbon fiber made body.

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