Top 5 Rumoured Features of Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung’s Galaxy S4 has really surprised the smartphone lovers with its awesome features, superfast processor as well as chic look. Therefore, the expectation of the Samsung fans from the next in the series is much greater. Though Samsung S5 is due to release next year, yet fans have already started to speculate about the features of the phone. Here are the top five buzzes that are around Samsung’s next invention in the smartphone genre.

samsung-Galaxy -s5
samsung-Galaxy -s5


The two models of the Galaxy S4 phone are empowered with Exynos 5 Octa CPU and Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor respectively. Both these processors work at super fast speed satisfying the anticipations of the users. So this time everybody is expecting an Exynos 6 processor which works at the lightning fast speed of 2GHz. Moreover, the sleek phone will have 4GB of RAM so that the users can shuffle between different applications of the phone without putting too much stress on it.


Flexible touch display is something we were not at all expecting ever. But Samsung developers made us believe in the impossible by declaring that they are experimenting with this novel concept. Though fans have expected to see a flexible touch screen in S4 itself, but unfortunately we could not see it. So this time, the fans are envisioning S5 with a flexible display.


Apart from performing the basic functions of a smartphone, fans are expecting S5 to become a miniature version of a hi-tech camera as well. They are expecting S5 to have 16MP rear camera with 6x zoom. Furthermore, the camera should also have image stabilization features and click awesome shots in low light.


All smartphone users have one common complain. The battery of the phones is too low for to carry on prolonged performance on the phone. So we are really hopeful that Samsung will deal with this particular problem this time and provide S5 with a much more powerful battery that will be able to support the awesome and hi-tech features of the phone.

Metal Finish

One facet which has kept many Android fans from investing on a Samsung phone is its look. The plastic cover and plain design of such a hi-tech phone has been of the low points of the phones in the Galaxy series. It has helped other brand like HTC or Sony Xperia to capture considerable part of the worldwide market. In all probabilities Samsung developers have focused their attention on the looks of the phone as well and coming with a chic metallic cover this time.

We have not got the chance to hear anything from the developers themselves till now. But our expectations are quite high and we are also hopeful that the geeks might even outwit our expectations.

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