The Rumoured Features of Samsung Galaxy S5

It has not been more than four months since the Samsung Galaxy S4 has been released in the market and its awesome features could actually make a mass appeal before the targeted clients. However, there seems to be no end to the dreams and expectations of the Android lovers. They have already started to make wild guess and tell tale about the features of Samsung’s next Android phone. Insiders have tipped the Android freaks that Samsung is going to totally revamp the looks of their range of phone by next year. Here are some of the latest buzzes about the specifications of Samsung S5:

Samsung Galaxy S5 concept

Hardware Specifications

Ace designer Bob Freking expects the Samsung S5 to be powered by eight core Exynos 6 processor which runs at speed of 2GHz. Since the last release in the Samsung Galaxy series was powered by powerful processors like Exynos 5 Octa (1.6 to 1.8 GHz), Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processor (1.9GHz), it is expected that the next phone will have a much faster processor that its predecessors. Rumour has it that the Samsung’s next will be also powered by a 64 core graphics card which is going to make it a gamer’s paradise.

One of the main problems that smartphone users face is with the memory of the phone so that all the applications can run with ease. Samsung keeps on adding new features in their phones which requires more RAM and ROM support to work properly. Even the last phone in the Galaxy series, only half of total internal memory capacity is available to the users. Therefore, the android lovers are expecting the next gen phone from Samsung will have at least 4 GB RAM support and 64 GB internal memory storage to meet with the expectations of the target users.

Operating System

In all probabilities, the upcoming phone from Samsung will be running on Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2, the one that has been also used in Samsung’s Galaxy S4 as well. Since there has been no news from Google about launch of Android 4.3 or 5.0, so Jelly Bean is definitely the only and the best option left for Samsung’s next phone. However, the android freaks would definitely expect the developers to make the UI more innovative by introducing gesture based features.

Internet Connectivity

The Android fans are sure that Samsung Galaxy S5 is going to come with 4G LTE connectivity capability. However, they are also of the opinion that Samsung S5 might even have S5 connectivity capability. However, since the 5G networks are not going to get ready before 2020, it would not be of any use for the proud owners of S5.

Camera with Greater Capability

We would love to see the next gen gadget with 16 MP rear camera, at least 6x zooming capability, technology that will support improvised performance in areas that are dimly lighted, image stabilization features, inbuilt lenses and other hi-tech features.


The plastic back cover of the Samsung phones has been a reason of displeasure for many Android users. Therefore, developers have decided to revamp the looks of the phone by using an aluminum back cover which is water and dust resistant. Moreover, the next in the Galaxy series is probably going to have an AMOLED plus display and thus giving the phone a seamless look with no physical buttons.


In all probabilities Samsung is going to come up with a new and better display screen technology this time in keeping with its previous trend of continuously improvising on the display of its range of products. The Galaxy Note 3 was supposed to come up with a flexible OLED display, but lastly it was not used in the product due to delay in production process. However, we are expecting this technology to be integrated in its release i.e. Galaxy S5.

Battery Life

Galaxy S5 will be powered by 4000 mAh battery which will ensure better battery life than all its previous phones. The fanatics are expecting it to be not more than 120gms in weight and extremely sleek. However, we are sure about these specifications and the improvements in these sectors might not be as lucrative as we are thinking it to be.

These were some of the assumptions which we expect in the Samsung S5. Post us about the improvisations that you would like to see in Samsung’s next so that the developers can get an honest overview of the target user’s choice.

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