Samsung S5 will have Environment friendly radiation Level!

Samsung Galaxy S5 will be killer smartphone and it will take the smartphone market on the next level for sure. The Samsung Galaxy S5 is loaded with many new technology and sensor, which increase the radiation level of device. And you all know that high radiation is dangerous for your health. The question is, Samsung Galaxy S5 is environment friendly or it safe to use in everyday life? In this post I will talk about, would these technologies will increase the level of radiation of samrtphone and how the Samsung reduce the radiation level of Galaxy S5.


Samsung Galaxy S5 features latest technology including Youm, KNOX, UHD and latest sensor like Infrared season. Samsung S4 has 13 sensors in the device so we hope the Galaxy S5 will has even more, so the radiation level will increase.  But wait Samsung is working hard to balance the radiation level, before going further, here I list the radiation level of different high end Smartphone in market.

High End Smartphone SAR(W/KG)

Nokia Lumia 920  1.08 W/Kg

HTC first 0.65 W/Kg

BlackBerry Z10 0.97 W/Kg

HTC One 1.26 W/Kg

Samsung Galaxy S4 0.45 W/kg

When we see the above list carefully, SAR value of Samsung Galaxy S4, the processor of the next flagship smartphone of Samsung is least, when you compare with other high end smartphone. so it clear, that Samsung do a great work in reducing radiation level of devices .

FCC, the international organization created guidelines on cell phone radiation exposure. The SAR for cell phone radiation was set at a maximum of 1.6 watts of energy absorbed per kilogram of body weight. This is very old limitation, because FCC created these guidelines on Aug. 7, 1996. The high radiations emitted by smartphones can result in skin problems and even cancer if you are an avid user of smartphones.

As we know the Samsung galaxy S5 would be some new sensor that may increase the radiation level of the smartphone, but Samsung is working to balance it. According to internal sources of Samsung, the radiation level of the upcoming flagship smartphone Galaxy S5 will be reduce, even below the Samsung S4. So Samsung Galaxy S5 is a healthy and environment friendly smartphone and you can enjoy the latest technology of smartphone world.

The expected release date of Samsung S5 will be May 2014 and smartphone features all latest techonology with lower radiation level. Stay tune with us for every bites of information about Samsung S5.

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