Samsung S5 will have 5G wireless connectivity

The success of Samsung’s Galaxy series phone has raised the expectations of the android users. They are expecting the next phone to come up with other cool features that will make our life much easier. One hi-tech feature that the developers have promised to provide in the next phone is the presence of a much higher data connection. The insiders have confirmed that the all new Samsung S5 is going to be provided with a much faster and efficient inbuilt 5G data connection.


The developers of this flagship Korean brand have confirmed the next phone will have 5G wireless connection which they are developing right now. This wireless connection will be able to transfer data at least ten times more per sec within a stipulated distance. They have already succeeded in transferring 1GB data with a sec within the periphery of 2 Km and now they are working hard to alter the data transferring figure from one to ten.

For supporting this hi speed wireless technology, Samsung is also installing a high frequency band-width. The new bandwidth is known as 28 GHz ultra-high frequency bandwidth which is going to be much better than the 6 GHz bandwidth which is presently used. Other developers are also experimenting with 28 GHz frequency bandwidth so as to increase the data transfer rate by drastically.

In the official website of Samsung a photograph tech geeks working on 5G data connection was also posted confirming the rumors that is in the air. Though the Android lovers would love to see the latest phone integrated with this new feature, however we have not received any confirmation from the company itself. In all probabilities this technology will be effective from 2020 onwards and by that Samsung S5 will almost become obsolete. By that time Galaxy S10 or S12 will be probably on its way to the hit the market and leave the users awestruck.

We are not really sure whether Samsung is going to surprise the users at the last moment with some awesome news but as of now there has been no further news on this feature. Post us how are you envisioning the Samsung S5 to be and what will be its features in the comment’s section. Enjoy!!

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