Samsung may block 3rd Party Accessories for Samsung Galaxy S5

It has been quite some time that fans and tech geeks have been contemplating about the features of Samsung S5. Rumours have surrounded since its inception, so much so that it can be already regarded as a superstar. Lately we have been able to gather another rumour for readers with regards to the feature of Galaxy S5. In a widely read android forum, it was published that Galaxy S5 is not going to compatible with any of 3rd party accessories. Though we were not being informed about the actual source of the news, but there are logical arguments in favour of Samsung taking such a decision. However, we cannot ignore the fact that Samsung is going to increase the sales in billions if they enforce such policies.

samsung-Galaxy-s5 accessories

This year there has been a few cases of Samsung devices malfunctioning and in some of these cases we have also seen the users injured badly due to the malfunctioning of Samsung gadgets. The worst case among these few cases was of a girl, whose S3 phone exploded in her pocket causing 2nd and 3rd burn. This sixteen year old girl was working at that time and when her employer heard her shrieks, he came to her rescue and saved her from further injuries.

In the face of such incidents, it is very obvious for Samsung to take up stern steps so that they can safeguard the reputation of the brand name. Samsung developers are of the opinion that the 3rd party accessories that are randomly used by the Samsung gadget users are most often not compatible with the main device. Moreover, these are not developed scientifically and are of not good quality. But these are the first choice of the users as these are cheap and convenient. However, the use of third party accessories gradually smoulders and destroys the gadget in the course of time and fine day it gives up and reduces to ashes. So stop such occurring in the future course of time, that too with such expensive gadgets, it is absolutely logical on the part of Samsung to put such ban.

All said and done there is no denying the fact that such news are never taken nicely by the consumers. To them it would excess expense as they would have to buy new and compatible accessories for using the new device. Nevertheless, we have not yet received any confirmation from the manufacturers itself, so there are still chances of this news being absolutely fallacious. Keep on browsing for more news!!

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