Samsung Galaxy S6 New Concept Design By Greco Medrano

Worldwide webs is full news and rumors about next flagship smartphone of Samsung, Galaxy S5. But few people are thinking further ahead to the Samsung Galaxy S6. We already post about Samsung S6 and S6 mini concept design. Today I new concept design of Samsung Galaxy S6 is surface, which is developed by Greco Medrano and device look like Galaxy Note 3 which release this week.

We do not able to understand why more concept render of Galaxy S6 appear than the Galaxy S5. Of course it is concept design which gives the us an insight about upcoming devices. LG and Samsung often launch their rival technology ahead of time, Samsung may use some concept of LG G2 and LG 3 in his next Smartphone including Samsung S5 and Galaxy S6.

Samsung S6
Samsung S6

Now talk about the concept design of Samsung S6, may release in 2015, developed by Greco Medrano. According to the concept design, the Samsung Galaxy S6 will have 3 GB of RAM, 8 core processor or dual 8 core processor, display with resolution of 2560 x1600 pixels, 4K video capture and power by Android 6.0 milkshake.  the devices will have Edge to edge display, volume buttons on the back. This week Samsung unveiled Galaxy Note 3 which may be powered by latest release Android 4.4 Kitkat OS.

Do you like the concept design of Samsung Galaxy S6? For Samsung S6 we have to wait 2 years. What new features will be Samsung add in their next flagship smartphone Galaxy SV? your comments are welcome.

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