Samsung Galaxy S5 with contract or without Contract, what you choose?

The Next big thing in Smartphone world is Samsung next flagship Android Smartphone Galaxy S5 which will be release in May 2014. We talk a lot about the rumors specification and features of Galaxy S5. Today in this post I will talk about the price of upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5 and the different buying options like phone with Contract or without contract. What is the advantage and disadvantage of Contract Galaxy S5.

samsung s5 camera
samsung s5 camera

What is the “Contract Deals?”

The major wireless network carriers including AT&T, Verizon, T-mobile, O2 and Cricket wireless offers Samsung Galaxy S5 and other Smartphone special deals at the time release. Where, you have to pay very less amount compare to MRP of the Smartphone. But you have to sign a contract with the carriers for certain period ( One or Two years).

Let you clear via a example. Let the original price of Samsung Galaxy S5 is $720 at the time of release. Verizon offer galaxy S5 at $200 with 2 year contract. So you have to Pay $200 down payment at first time after that you have to Pay a fixed amount ( $30 ) per months till 2 years and you have to use Verizon connectivity for two years. So in this case you have to pay a total of $200 + $720= $920, is not crazy?

What is Non-Contract Deal (without Contract)?

In Simple word, you have to pay full payment at once. Lets the price of Samsung Galaxy S5 is $720 and you want to buy Smartphone without Contract online or offline, so you have to pay $720 at once and you are free to use any Carrier on your beloved Galaxy S5. Many countries Like India, South Africa where contract deals are not available.

So what your Choose, are you Buy Samsung galaxy S5 with Contract or Without Contract? Stay connect with us, we will update every deals and news about Samsung galaxy with it release in 2014. We are planning to launch a  Giveaway for Samsung galaxy S5.

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