Samsung Galaxy S5 will powered by 3D with UHD display

Samsung Next upcoming flagship smartphone Galaxy S5 will yet to announced and rumor about the smartphone increasing day by day. Samsung Galaxy S5 will have 3D display features. We talked about many features and specifications of the upcoming Galaxy SV smartphone. One of the Chine Smartphone website reported that Samsung Galaxy S5 will have 3D display.

Samsung S5 3D display
Samsung S5 3D display

Till now no smartphone have 3D Display, not even Apple, Sony or HTC made ay 3D display smartphone or tablet in market. This will be the one of the biggest selling features of the Galaxy S5. Samsung Galaxy will have 5.2 inch Full Ultra HD display and adding 3D make it even more attractive. With the 3D display you have fun to play games, watch videos and movies. Apple is not planning to bring up 3D display in the upcoming series of iPhone at least in iPhone 6 or 7.

Apart from this Samsung Galaxy S5 features 16 MP rear facing camera, 5.2 inch display, 128 GB of internall memory, 4 GB of RAM and the body of the Galaxy SV will made of Carbon Fiber. But some report says that it will have metallic body according to Samsung Design 3.0 concept.

Hope you are interested in Samsung Galaxy S5 and waiting for the smartphone. stay tune with us, we will update every news about Samsung Galaxy S5.

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