Samsung Galaxy S5 will have Flexible OLED display rumor

What you thing about the display of Samsung Galaxy S5? Is it bendable or traditional one? As we know Samsung had release OLED display at the CES 2013, and source said that “youm” OLED display   will be introduced in upcoming flagship Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S5.


Samsung Galaxy S5 is the super Samrtphone in true sense; they are loaded with lots of top-notch features and specifications, but last not the least rumor about the bendable display of smartphone. The President Stephen Woo of Samsung was introduced the OLED display at CSE 2013 and said that the technology will finds its implementation in future smartphones of the company. And company want to release first flexible display smartphone in market. So there is hope that Samsung’s next flagship smartphone Galaxy S5 will be with flexible display.


But wait; is it easy to implement OLED technology in to samrtphone? What are the pros and cons of OLED display panels? Apart from this there are many questions regarding this technology. What is OLED? OLED stand for Organic Light Emitting Diodes and it will be future display technology for smartphones. Smartphones with OLED technology is unbreakable, pocket friendly because it will be Lighter, Slimmer. Do not mind, here pocket friendly means it will fit in your pocket, not the price point of view but Size wise. You can make different shape, size and structure of your Samsung Galaxy S5 if it will power by OLED technology. For example if the measure of Galaxy S5 will be 10 inch long then you can simple fold it into 5 inches.

But the smartphone have hardware and battery apart from display. It is very difficult to make hardware and battery flexible. So company have to work hard and it must take time, as we know the Samsung Galaxy S5 will release in April 2014, so hope Samsung can make some solution. And one more thing, the OLED display is expansive compared to traditional glass display, so the cost of Samsung Galaxy S5 will increase. Let’s how Samsung manage this thing

So are you ready for Flexible display Galaxy S5? What you thing, is Galaxy S5 will be a bendable display?


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