Samsung Galaxy S5 will have Dual MicroSD card and app installation on SD card option

Samsung is releasing new variants and colors options for its flagship samrtphone Galaxy S4, but users are thinking about Galaxy S5. As you know, there are lots of pre-loaded apps on every Samsung devices, so we do not get more internal storage. We are installing lots of Apps and Game on daily basis on our Android devices and by default it installs in internal memory, it increases the pressure on devices and slowdown the device. Do you love slow smartphone? NO

samsung-Galaxy -s5
samsung-Galaxy -s5

The Samsung is planning two new quince features for their upcoming flagship Galaxy S5 Smartphone. First one, Samsung decided to give an option to user choose where they want to install apps either in Internal memory or in MicroSD card. And second feature, company thinking about two microSD card slot for Galaxy S5 and Note 3.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 will have 4 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal memory and also come with a microSD card slot of 128MB.this is not a small memory for a smartphone, but more options are always welcome. Samsung do not hits anything about the Galaxy S5 event it will come or not, but the online world is talking about the specification, features, princing, release dates and even deals of Samsung Galaxy S5.

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