Samsung galaxy S5 will Come with Infrared Sensor for Temperature measure

Welcome Smartphone lover, till now I talk a lot about the features and specification of Samsung Galaxy S5. Today I will talk about the sensor of the Galaxy S5. According to the latest rumors, the Samsung Galaxy S5 will come with infrared Sensor. Yes, Galaxy S5 have an advance infrared Sensor and this is the first Smartphone with this type of Sensor.

infrared-smartphone-thermometer-samsung S5

Samsung down a great work with Galaxy S4, the flagship smartphone have full HD display, high perforation, great camera and many more advance features. So what next for Galaxy S5; we hope Samsung Galaxy S5 will come Infrared sensors. With the help of Infrared sensors you can measure the temperate of human beings as well as animals and other body like bath tube, gas stove etc.

Inventor Jacob Fraden has patented the smartphone thermometer. Samsung and Apple has been already acquired the patent, according to inside report. So both Apple and Samsung want to use infrared sensors in their next flagship smartphone.

So what are the advantages of infrared sensors in Smartphone? Your smartphone will work like a thermometer to measure the temperature of kids, adults, pets with better efficiency and accuracy. So the Samsung Galaxy S5 will be the first smartphone which have infrared sensor.

It is not easy to install the sensor on the chip, Samsung working hard to implement the technology in the chip. Just wait and watch and hope for best. Share the story with your friends and stay connect with us for more news about Samsung S5.


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