Samsung Galaxy S5 is Rumoured to Have 4GB RAM along with 64 bit Processor!

Samsung S5 is a flagship phone that we are expecting in next year January itself and it is at least two months away from its probable release date, yet the cyber world is saturated with rumours about the feature and function of this smartphone. The latest rumour that has reached us right from Korea i.e. the native country where the brand Samsung was born.


A renowned South Korean IT journal has again come up with the news that Samsung is developing a 64 bit processor which is being christened as Exynos and the processor is in the final stage of its development. Once completed it will be available in the production line all set to be integrated in the chic and advanced Samsung S5. Along with this development, another news that has also surfaced on the cyber space i.e. the 64 bit Exynos is going to support 4GB RAM on the phone. This will make Samsung Galaxy S5 one of its kinds in the range of smartphone. No other smartphone available in the market right now or that will be released soon supports 4GB RAM. This will make Samsung S5 a niche phone and thereby enhance its value in the market and there will be hardly any competitor in the global market to race with this phone.

Samsung who is by far one of the biggest players in the smartphone and it is trying its best to remain in the competition and it is trying its best to retain its global market by integrating new features in its latest gadgets. But the big question that remains before us is that: Is Samsung going to integrate new features in all the phones that it is going to develop in the future?

There is no doubt that Samsung is going to draw the attention of a wide range of potential consumers by including such features in its next release and thus it will back with a bang in global market for mobile phones. It had been occupying that position from a long time but lately tough challenges have been provided by other manufacturers like Sony Xperia, Moto X, Appleā€™s iPhones and many others. Therefore, Samsung S5 will be definitely worth seeing as it has some of the finest features so far seen in any Samsung phone like metal casing, 16 megapixel camera, gesture control features and many more. Keep updated with our regular follow-up on the latest developments.

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