Samsung Galaxy S5 rumors features: Three sided display, 64 bit processor, screen Size, resolution and wireless charging

It has not been much time since Galaxy S4 has been launched in the market. It is not your fault if you start dreaming about that what will the next flagship phone of this big company would be. There is no doubt that the Samsung Galaxy S4 has been dominating the market along with Apple’s new iPhone 5 as well as iPhone 5S. If we believe in few rumors, then the next Samsung Galaxy S5 might come packed with more durable, premium design that the fans have been waiting of so long and may bring the noteworthy enhancement in performance. Let us have a look at the various features that we know till present about Samsung Galaxy S5.


Three Sided display

The Samsung Galaxy S5 may come with the most awaited three sided display. With the new and exciting three sided display the phone will be able to show messages, stocks and many other information present on its sides. This device having this display may be considered as an updated version of Youm’s flexible display screen that could be seen in Samsung Galaxy S5.

Screen Size and Display Resolution

There are a lot of rumors regarding the display size and the resolution that Galaxy S4 may contain. But most of them say that the new Galaxy S5 is going to come with 5.3 inch OLED flexible screen. There is no doubt that Samsung will be working very hard to make Galaxy S5 the most unique and best Smartphone of all time, and to achieve this the company have to provide something very unique and that has not been seen before to its customers. So we should not be surprised if Samsung Galaxy S5 comes packed with 2560×1440 WQHD display. This great screen resolution is never going to fail in attracting the attention of the customers.

Wireless Charging

Wireless Charging feature is available in many newly launched devices like Lumia 920 etc. So there a lot of expectation from the customers that the new Samsung Galaxy S5 will come with the Wireless charging feature in it. To remain the leader in the present competitive market of Smartphone’s, Samsung is not going to leave any of the available exiting features to make its Flagship phone more attractive as well as innovative.

64 Bit Processor

As we have seen that Apple’s iPhone 5S was the first Smartphone that contained 64 bit processor inside it. And on the other side we see the business chief of Samsung Mr. JK Shin confirming that the company is planning to release such Smartphones having such advanced technology. The company also made the point that it is 64 bit technology as its latest Analyst Day, and stating that they will soon start making use of ARM cores and are going to develop its own eventually. This does not guarantee the fact that Samsung Galaxy S5 will be the company’s debut with 64 bit processing technology but the company may add this particular feature to its new Galaxy S5 to make its specifications more killer.

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