Samsung Galaxy S5 to Pack a 16 MP ISOCELL Camera

Yesterday, Samsung has held its “Analyst Day “Conference in Seoul, gave us a lot of detail about the plans for upcoming Smartphones and Tablets. Most noticeable announcement is the upcoming flagship devices would use a 16 MP camera with ISOCELL sensor, including Samsung Galaxy S5, Galaxy Note 4. So Galaxy S5 will launch with ISOCELL 16 MP main camera.


 In 2013 Samsung was release two flagship devices Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3, which is successful in market and break the all the previous records. But the camera of those devices is outdated after the release of Nokia Lumia 1020, Sony Xperia Z1, LG G2, Nexus 5. The camera of Samsung Galaxy S4 has not  OIS and the Low light performance is also an issue. Definitely Samsung is working on delivering better camera model for upcoming flagship smartphone.


At Analyst Day event, Samsung Showed a slide indicating that a 16 MP ISCELL sensor will be features to the smartphones for 2014- 2015. So what is the ISOCELL? According to Samsung, it is next generation pixel technology allows for better low-light photography, while also producing images with better color reproduction, sharpness and richness compared to the BSI technology.

Few days ago we report that Samsung 2014 flagship smartphone will features 16 MP camera with OSI sensor. But Samsung do not say anything about Optical image sensor at this event, So is Galaxy S5 going to release with only ISOCELL module without OSI?

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