Samsung Galaxy S5 Might Come With Tizen OS

The all new Samsung Galaxy S5, which is going to be released in the upcoming year, might come with a new operating system named Tizen. Tizen is an open source Linux operating system that runs efficiently in tablets, smartphones as well as smart TVs. Samsung is one of the developers of this software and it hopes to use this platform in their upcoming releases. However, we have also heard that who’s who of this South Korean giant company are not ready to give up totally on the stable Android platform that have helped them to establish their present position as the number one mobile manufacturing company in the global market. There are rumors that Samsung is going to release its next smartphone i.e. S5 in two versions, one running on Android Kitkat 4.4 and that the other one on Tizen.

Tizen OS

Samsung has to share a percentage of the net profit on every phone with Google as they are using the Android platform. Moreover, whenever the users buy apps, movies, songs or any other software from the Google store, Google earns some money from it as well. Since Samsung has been able to successfully establish themselves in the global market, now their venturing on ways so that they can become absolutely independent. As a result their profit margin will also increase. But since such a great leap is quite risky and dicey, they have planned to launch S5 on both Tizen and Android OS in different markets. This will help them to gather public opinion about the new platform before and make necessary changes, before shifting their preference altogether.

In all probabilities the S5 with Tizen OS will be available in the developing countries as they will be sold at a less price in comparison to the Android one. This is one key marketing strategy that might be used by Samsung to popularize Tizen, get responses and feedbacks and make necessary changes before introducing in in the developed nation where the purchasing power of the people are greater.

However, one of the biggest problems that Samsung has to overcome in this period is developing compatible apps that will run efficiently in the Tizen OS. None of the Android compatible apps are going to work on Tizen so now the challenge is to develop as many as apps as possible within the limited period of time so that the consumers do not get a chance to complain about Tizen and change their preference.

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