Samsung Galaxy S5 Might Come With a 5.5 inch Flexible Display

One of the latest and hottest update of the mobile industry is that Samsung is busy manufacturing flexible phone display for their upcoming next-gen smartphones. The biggest manufacturer of smartphone, Samsung is slaving hard to produce 5.5 inch display, which has not yet been used in any other Samsung phones. We are expecting to see a flexible display in  the Galaxy S5 or in the premium F series of the Samsung phone which will be unveiled soon.


A flexible display is definitely a great technological advancement as far as the features of the smartphones are concerned. Samsung’s R & D team has reported that are developing the flexible screen with the sole intention of making the shape of the phone different from the conventional rectangular shape. So we might get to see a curved phone this time. However, there is no denying the fact that the first generation of any latest technology is never full proofed and there is immense scope of further improvement on it. So is the case with Samsung’s first generation flexible screen as well.

We might get to see the flexible screen in the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 or the F series phone at first, before integrating it in Galaxy S5. This step has been deliberately taken up by Samsung to test out the flexible display and gather public opinion. This will be of great help for further research and development on flexible screen before using it in Galaxy S5.

The idea of using flexible screen in Galaxy Note 3 is definitely good, but there are two things that we cannot afford to forget. Firstly, Galaxy Note 3 is a niche phablet which is really expensive and so proliferating the flexible screen concept among the masses with Galaxy Note 3 would not be possible. Secondly, the first release would not allow the users to bend it fully or making a curve with it. However, that is exactly the thing that the smartphone users are expecting when they hear the name of flexible OLED screen. So this is another lacuna that Samsung needs to redress.

It is hard to believe that Samsung is producing flexible screen in mass, unless they have figured out the blueprint of the flagship design of the flexible screen that they are planning to use in Galaxy S5. So we can expect that Samsung is coming up with a limited number of flexible screen that they test it before going out for mass scale production. Off course flexible screen are a much better option in comparison to the present display style as they are much more resistant to wear, tear and damage. So we are hoping to see some major advancement in the genre of Smartphone technology in the upcoming months.


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