Samsung Galaxy S5 Launch Date, Features and Rumors : All About Galaxy S5

All about Samsung Galaxy S5 :

Samsung Galaxy S4 arrested 20 million buyers and still many are known to gather their hard earned money in order to fulfill their dream of buying Samsung Galaxy S4. It is among the most powerful and demanding phone. But as nothing remains forever, not even the regular day and night in the same way a new gadget has to be replaced Samsung Galaxy S4 soon and what else could be better then Samsung Galaxy S5. So what exactly this Korean company is planning to gift to this world under its flagship in the Smartphone series. Nothing big could come without rumors, gossips, expectations or forecasting. Let me take the privilege to discuss each one by one:


Most common but appreciable features in all Samsung Galaxy series are as follows:

1)      The displays of all these series are unbeatable.

2)      The processor used in them are always the most advanced and innovative one.

Something unusual that you could expect from this new gadget!

Memory chip of zippy new mobile is expected to come along with new series of Samsung Galaxy series.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Launch Date:

World is waiting for the launch of this package of surprises of Galaxy S5. Galaxy S4 series was launched in March 2013 but it is expected that this gadget may launch in February, 2014. It is expected to launch soon in Las Vegas .

So the new frame will be in metal or plastic?

The biggest reason behind the overwhelming response of Galaxy S4 as this has helped it in making it more popular via its light weight. Though the light weight is preferred by mass but still majority are expecting that the Samsung galaxy S5 should come in metal frame so that it will look more glamorous and stylish. HTC has set the trend of aluminum body. HTC model look sleek and at the same time they are economical too. On the other hand the expensive and the trendsetter iPhones come with the lightest weight and that too without adopting plastic texture for their models. The rumors are travelling all around that this model will come with a metal frame and finally could stand at neck to neck competition with all its competitors. It is expected that the market of Samsung is surely going to increase in the upcoming time. Many of the critics complained that no innovative features were added to S3 and it came in the same format in S4. The plastic body gives it a cheap look. No matter how much it charge but the appearance is not at all pleasant. Another reason behind the selection of metal body for the phone is to provide a high end case to the phone. It is highly expected that in the coming time Samsung is sure to come up with a high end handset. Most of the companies are coming up with the same kind of idea and it may be the case that Samsung is trying to step in the same shoes. Though right now these are just rumors but we are expecting that it should come true with Samsung Galaxy S5 series.


Galaxy S5 Expected camera Specs :

Though it is not announced but it is expected that apart from QHD 2K display and 2,560X1600 pixels will be available in this new premium phone. Samsung was always known for its better camera quality and it is highly assumed that again Samsung will prove this point with its innovative and high camera captive. ( Rumors : Samsung galaxy will have 16 MP ISOCELL Camera )


Chang Dong Hoon verdict about the new Samsung S5 model

Chang Dong Hoon had announced that new materials will be coming for Galaxy S5. Though the entire information about the material being used in the new series of Galaxy has not been announced but most probably metal will be included along with flexible display. Though the full information about the material list is yet to known to the outer world. Till now no curved shaped phone of Samsung has been released and it is still a question whether consumers will be able to measure the value of it, if it will be provided in the flagship phone. Metal frame will add more look to this curve shape if it is going to come with this phone.

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What you could expect in the display of Galaxy S5?

In the Galaxy S4 the most remarkable feature was its display of 5-inch Super AMOLED which brought 1920X1080 pixel resolution, that too at 441 PPI. Definitely this feature will also come with more improvement in its new series. The flagship phone is going to have most expectedly, 2560X1440 pixel resolution. The specs are going to be an easy way for all Galaxy users.( Rumor : Samsung Galaxy s5 may have flexible display )

samsung galaxy s5 flexible-dispaly

In-built of the phone- RAM and Processor

Another area where people are desperately looking for certain changes is the inbuilt of the Samsung phone. Innovative 8GB LPDDR4 mobile DRAM is going to bring a lot of improvement in the new Galaxy S5 as expected. The same innovation that is being used for wide series of Smartphone’s and tablets are using, it is expected that it will use the same technique. World is expecting that at least Samsung Galaxy S5 will be furnished with 3GB RAM alike Note 3 so that it could stand superior to S4 where 2 GB RAM was used. It may be the case that S5 could come up with 4GB RAM.

Attendance Time- Qualcomm Processor will be present or not!

Samsung is yet to reveal whether the same Qualcomm processor will be repeated in S5 as S4 or the new Exynos Chip will be used in it. Quad core processor of 1.9 GHz was among the best feature in the S4 but as people desire for betterment with every new product so it is highly expected that Samsung is trying to use all its skill to give Exynos line for the new Galaxy S5. The reason behind such revolution is the strong competition between S5 processor with the processors of Apple’s 64 bit processors, new iPads or the latest iPhone5. There are many rumors in the gadget world that the new Samsung will be upgraded with 8 processor cores and 64 bit Exynos chip. However, if this rumor is really true, then surely world is going to experience remarkable technology through Samsung Galaxy S5.

Software upgrade for Galaxy S5- Android, skins, Tizen :

Samsnug galaxy s5 Tizen OS

There is a huge fan list that is in love with the hardware of Samsung’s but there are many who admire the software capabilities of it too. As it was already proved with S4 that Samsung had continued the tradition of using the traditional features of Samsung, namely, Smart Scroll, Air View and Air Gestures in it. Again in this regard a rumor is being followed with the Galaxy S5 is that Tizen OS along with Linux-based OS and many would be used in it. From quiet a long time Samsung along with many other telecom owners were working towards these OS. Last year a lot was heard about the presence of Tizen in S5 but still it is a question till now that will Samsung be taking such a big risk. A new operating system which is completely different from that of Google play or the most common Google suite for apps will be favored by the users or not is a very big question?

The most common issue of all high end phones- battery life

More technological upgradation surely requires more power which could be provided only through an improved battery. In S3 2100mAH battery was provided whereas in S4 2600mAH battery was used and we are surely expecting that Samsung will definitely raised its standard in regards of the battery power with the release of Samsung Galaxy S5 – at least a battery of 3100 mAH or more is expected from it.


Other Features of Samsung Galaxy S5 are :

So this is all we have now related to upcoming grand smartphone Samsung Galaxy S5 , Stay tune with for more Rumors ,Release date and other Details about galaxy S5 .

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