Samsung Galaxy S5 innovation launch as official accessories

Samsung Galaxy S4 was release few months before. As usual, after the launch of every electronics products you find a lot of rumors about the improved version of that electronics product.It is right time to think about the   next generation Samsung Galaxy S5 that would be improve on the Galaxy S4. The main question, How should Samsung change next flagship device?


The internet media is full of news and rumors features about the Samsung Galaxy S5. We learn lots of articles even on some big websites/blogs about the features and specification of Samsung Galaxy S5. In this post I will talk about how to improve the current Galaxy S4 when Samsung upgrade it with a next generation Galaxy S5.

I searched the internet with ‘Samsung Galaxy S5’ keyword and find some crazy concept design for Samsung S5. We ready many forums and comments on blogs post about Samsung Galaxy S5. From the feedback which I seen on forums and blog comments, one think is common and that is, people do not to pay for unwanted features in Smartphone. Samsung will try to remove that unwanted features from the smartphone and reduce the price of Galaxy S5 and user get a cheaper Smartphone.

The tech world is moving very fast, everyday new innovations are launched in smartphone market like fingerprint security, projectors for displays and keyboards, Infrared sensor and many others.  Best way to deliver such type of innovation features is to launch the more extreme futures as official accessories. Samsung could deliver official mobile projector attachments and fingerprint accessories , that could be reduce the price of Galaxy S5.

The expected release date of Samsung S5 is May, 2014, we know that Samsung need your feedback on how to improve Galaxy S4. What Samsung s5 features do you want build-in and what features should be launched as  official accessories? It your turn, speak your mind and comment here.

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