Samsung Galaxy S5 Foldable Abandoning S4 Design Debate

It has only been a few months since the release of the hi-tech Galaxy S4, and the Samsung fans have already started looking for new Android phone with better features. One of the features that the fans are contemplating is that the upcoming member of the galaxy series will come with a folding design. The android freaks are waiting to see how the developers are going to fold the sensitive touch screen of the Samsung S5. Though we have not yet being tipped about the looks of the next phone in the Samsung series; however there can be no denying the fact the next phone lined up in the Galaxy series is going to have hi-fi technologies just like any other phones in the Galaxy series.


The folded screen of the phone will make it easier to carry around yourself and protect it from damage caused by dust or scratch as well. It was confirmed by the developers that the Samsung phone will be sleek and lighter. The thickness of the phone of the phone would not be more than 7.5 mm and if it is folded, itsthickness will just get doubled.

This will be the first touchscreen foldable phone in the Android market. So a lot of buzz has been created surrounding it and so the fans are eagerly waiting to see the first look of the phone. Moreover, Samsung phones have long been demeaned for their plastic covers which gave the phone an inexpensive look. However alongwith making the phone foldable, Samsung is also going for a total makeover with the looks of the phone. The plastic back cover of the phone will be replaced by a metallic cover thus making the phone all the more chic and trendy.

In all probabilities Galaxy S5 is going to run on the Android Lime Pie, the latest android platform that is going to be released in the near future. Thus it will be a total power paced phone with cutting edge features and technologies. Therefore, we can understand why there has been so much buzz around this phone at least one year before its release.

How would you rate a foldable touchscreen phone? What are the features that you expect in Galaxy S5? Share with the Android geeks in the comment’s section so that your opinion can get heard in the right place.

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