Samsung Galaxy S5 features Green PHOLED Display and Floating Touch Technology

Samsung’s Galaxy series phone could win over the heart over the heart of millions of people from all over the world and emerge as the flagship Android brand because of the futuristic technologies integrated in the phone and Samsung’s constant endeavor to provide the best to their clients.We have being tipped by the insiders about the release of the Galaxy S5 next year on which the developers are working persistently so that the prospective buyers enthusiastically invest on a new phone, just within a year of the last release.

samsung-Galaxy -s5
samsung-Galaxy -s5

Air Gesture

One of the advance features that we are hoping to see in the Samsung Galaxy S5 phone is floating touch technology which was first developed by Sony and integrated in the Xperia Sola phones. Floating technology lets the users to hover about the different applications of the phone without touching the screen. The users need to remove his or finger above the application within a distance of about 20mm and the sensors attached to the touchscreen of the phone will respond in accordance with the instruction of the users.

Though the air gesturing feature was also present in S4 as well, but the use of this feature was limited to only some applications. This time we are hoping that the air gesturing feature to become more dynamic in its application. This also a good news for the Android users who love to play games on their gadget as now their phones touchscreen will remain spic and span even after using the high-end phone as gaming device.

PHOLED Display

Apart from introducing innovations in the software used in the phone, this Korean developer also has plan to improvise their hardware specifications of this phone. Galaxy S5 is probably going to come with green PHOLED display which is a much more energy efficient option in comparison to the AMOLED display that is in use these days. Moreover, the color display of the PHOLED device is much better in comparison to AMOLED device. Thus the pictures and graphics displayed on it will be of much better quality. Moreover, heat generated due to the constant use of the phone is much less in comparison and thus making the phone work all the more efficiently.

We would like to hear your opinion on the inclusion of these features in the upcoming phone of the Galaxy series. So keep us updated by pointing your views on the comment’s section.


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