Samsung Galaxy S5 Concept Designs Roundup

Samsung Galaxy S5 is expected to release next year in month of May, till now, no words about this device by the maker Samsung. Every day a new rumor about Galaxy S5 is surface on internet and we watch closer every rumor and post here on Number one Blog for Samsung S5 smartphone. there are many concept renders (designs) are developed by various people. Here in this post, I am collect all concept design of Samsung Galaxy S5.

The Galaxy S5 will have a 5.2 inch capacitive touch screen display, FM radio, Carbon fiber made body, 4 GB of RAM, 128 GB of internal memory, 16 core processor, Infrared sensor, and many more high end features including 32 point fingerprint scanner, Liquid Cooling technology and many more. Come to the main point of this post, here is the Roundup of the Samsung Galaxy S5 Concept Renders, read on

  • Edge-To-Edge Display Concept Design

The Edge to Edge display concept design of Samsung S5 is first seen on Concept phones website. According to this concept render, Samsung S5 features an edge to edge display with resolution of 1080 x 1920, see the edge to edge display concept of Samsung Galaxy S5 below image


  • Foldable Galaxy S5 Concept Render

This Foldable design concept comes from Mobileaks, the Smartphone will features a flexible display. As we know that Samsung already show the foldable display technology, so hope the next flagship smartphone by Samsung has Foldable display and you are able to fold you device in such a way that it comes easier to your pocket. Check out the Foldable design of Samsung S5.


  • Thinner and less rounded corners design

According to this concept design, the Galaxy S5 will have a 5.3 inch touch screen display with resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels. The physical home button and softkeys located so low on the device. We love the thinner Bezel and less rounded corners deign of Galaxy S5.


  • No Physical buttons and tiny Bezel design

This design show the Samsung Galaxy S5 without any physical buttons on screen and tiny bezel with “with full eye sense control” tag. The design look great.


This is all about Samsung Galaxy S5 concept design, I try to cove all concept design of Galaxy S5, if you find any other please inform us via comment.

There are Samsung S6 Design concept also on Internet, but right now, we do not have any idea about Samsung S6.

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