Samsung galaxy S5 Concept Design with Home button display by Sergio Miguel

Samsung last flagship smartphone was not very successful; there are some loop holes in the Galaxy S4 devices like plastic made body, same design, no FM radio. Samsung releases many variant of galaxy S4 like Galaxy S4 Zoom, Galaxy S4 active, but not able to get momentum of the market. So we hope that next flagship Smartphone in Galaxy series release soon, most probably end of 2013. Today we have a concept design of the Samsung Galaxy S5 with Home button display.

Samsung S5 concept design
Samsung S5 concept design

The new concept design of Samsung Galaxy S5 is work of Sergio Miguel, hinting at what we expect from the South Korean company’s flagship phone for the year 2014. The concept render of Galaxy S5 features a Home button that shows the time on display. This design does not give any information about specification of the Galaxy S5. The design has more rounded at the top and bottom than the Galaxy S4. The concept idea is very slim and show Samsung’s TouchWiz UI with 3D finish.

We already post many concept design of Samsung Galaxy S5, you can check the all concept renders of Galaxy S5 here. Not Only Samsung S5, but we have some Samsung Galaxy S6 as well as Samsung S6 Mini concept designs for you and I think it worth give a look on that designs.

Till now Samsung do say anything about Galaxy S5, but we hope get some hit about Samsung Galaxy S5 in ongoing event. We certainly have ideas on what we’d like to see and welcome input from our readers too.

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