Samsung Galaxy S5 comes with 32 points multi-touch for fingerprint detection

Samsung Galaxy S5 will be the super phone in 2014 with lot of new and unique features. The rumours about Samsung S5 are spreading all over the web, and I am here to inform you every happening of Samsung Galaxy S5. Today I am come with great news about galaxy S5, the device has a 32 touch point screen and a dedicated processing core. And the Samsung galaxy S5 will supports fingerprint detection functionality. This 32 point touch scanning touch display takes the security of Samsung S5 to next level.


We talk a lot about the feature of Samsung s5 like; the device has a 5.2 inch capacitive touch screen, Dual SD card with option to install apps in SD card, Infrared Sensor, carbon fiber Body, 4 GB of RAM, 128 GB of internal Memory, and best features is a device will be powered by 16 core processor.

Samsung Galaxy S5 would have most sensitive touchscreens in the market because there will be a separate processor unit, which will handle the talk of touchscreen, so we have a faster and best touchscreen in Galaxy S5.

How the 32 points Multi-touch display will work?

According to report, when you will place your finger over the Samsung S5’s Screen thwn it will capture 32 reference points in the one go of your finger and those 32 points of you finger will acts as a password for your device. Next time when you touch your smartphone, if the 32 reference points will match the already captured fingerprints, then your smartphone would be unlocked. this new features take the security of your smartphone on next level. There is one disadvantage, it increase the time consumption. No doubt, with this technology, Samsung Galaxy S5 will be the most secure smartphone in the market.

So, I think Samsung Galaxy S5 will come with Fingerprint technology with 32 point detection technology, which make the smartphone most secure. Stay connected with us for more information and news about Samsung S5.


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