Samsung Design 3.0 plans and Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung share in smartphone is drop significantly, so the top management of Samsung met and plans for some influential changes in the Samsung future design including tablets and Smartphone. The new design concept codename is Design 3.0. in this post I talk about the effect of Design 3.0 on Samsung upcoming flagship smartphone Galaxy S5. What change Samsung bring with Design 5.0, read on


Samsung is thinking to change internal and external changes in the future devices including Galaxy Note 3 and Samsung galaxy S5. In this post I will talk about only Samsung Galaxy S5 and Design 3.0.

Internal hardware change due to Design 3.0 Samsung Galaxy S5

  • Galaxy S5 will have 4 GB of RAM,
  • Samsung can use a 16-core processor in Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy S5
  • The processor sped of the smartphones or tablets will enhance a lot with advance OS, top RAM and GPU configuration
  • Internal storage of Samsung’s upcoming smartphone will be 128GB

External innovation of Design 3.0

  • Samsung do not use plastic body in future devices, so there is a change that Samsung Galaxy S5 will have metallic or carbon Fiber body.
  • The display of Samsung Galaxy S5 will use Youm technology for producing flexible displays
  • A 3K resolution with ultra HD technology will be added in Galaxy S5
  • The fingerprint sensor and float technology will be used in galaxy s5.

This will be the possible changes in Samsung future devices and Samsung will able to improved their sales and be a leader in the smartphone market. It is the good news for those who are waiting for Samsung Galaxy S5.

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