Rumours Has It: Galaxy S5 Will Be Decked Up in Metal Casing and Have Isocell Image Sensor

It seems like that the Samsung fans are never tired of getting new news about the upcoming Galaxy S5 and it proves that Samsung S5 has already got the star status before its release. From the beginning we have heard rumours that Samsung S5 will be decked up with chic metal casing. However, while stating such things, mostly fans were guessing about the body and looks of Samsung. This time we have some concrete evidences to prove this claim. Here it goes:


Metal Cover

There are many ‘wow’ factors that have made Samsung Galaxy phone one of the hot favorite of the global consumers.But one of the points in which it got a tough challenge from its competitor was its cover. The plastic cover of the phone was one of the main losing points of Samsung over other phones. Therefore, we are expecting that Samsung developers are going to come up with some innovations to turn this weak point into a strong point. Reporters from Android Authority have confirmed that Samsung has signed a contract for about thirty thousand metal covers from one of the renowned suppliers in the market. These are in all probabilities for its next smartphone S5.

There are some advantages of switching over from plastic to metal cover. Firstly, when a consumer spend nearly 500$ on a gadget, he or she expects it to not only integrated with the latest technology but at the same timeit should look chic and trendy. The phone one carries speaks a lot about one persona. However, the plastic cover of the Galaxy series phone failed to fulfil this benchmark of a good phone. So this time with the switch over being done, Samsung will be as elegant and modish as its main competitors in line like iPhone and HTC One.

Secondly, the plastic covering is susceptible to crack and damages at a much faster pace. Just in case it slips away from your hand, you are going to see a crack appeared on the phone’s back cover and thereafter you need to get it replaced. But the metal casing is much tougher and it won’t get damaged so easily. So it is a much harder and studier option.

A High Tech Image Sensor

Samsung S5 also promises to come with such technology that will make sure to create an environment to make you look all the more gorgeous in all the photos and videos clicked with it. Isocell image sensor is a latest technology that has the ability to automatically regulate light sensitivity so that the image or video quality is much better. This technology is interrelated with the CMOS device pixels and ensures to enhance picture quality when the natural lighting is not in your favour.

We are anticipating that this phone is going to hit the market next year and give the other competitors in the market a tough challenge.


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