Rumoured Features of Samsung Galaxy S5

The next smartphone in Samsung’s Galaxy series i.e.S5 is going to get released next year, yet it has created a lot of buzz around itself and thus proving the popularity of Samsung phones before the aficionados. We haven’t received any news from the manufacturers themselves about the specifications and features of this phone and that has left the tech geeks with enough scope for contemplation along the tit-bits of news received by them. Here are the latest rumours that surround Samsung Galaxy S5:


Hardware Specifications:

Samsung has already declared that in its next smartphone it is going to use a 64 bit chip, like it has used in Galaxy Note 3.As its competitors like iPhone 5s that was released this year is already integrated with a 64 bit processor, Samsung Galaxy S5 needs to be integrated with an equally competent processor to compete on equal grounds. The Galaxy Note 3 is integrated with a 2.3GHz quad core processor, so we can assume that S5 is going to have the same processor or it can be even better than it. We are expecting a 4GB RAM in this phone to match with the advanced processor.

Samsung is developing flexible display for the next generation phones which is expected to be user friendly and of course it is a new innovation in the field of technology altogether. Though we whole heartedly wish to see this feature in S5 itself, but we are not sure whether our wish will be granted or not. However, the S5 phone is going to come with a 5.5 inch screen, just like the Galaxy Note 3.

Samsung Galaxy S5 is probably going to have a 16 or 13 megapixel camera along with ISOCELL technology that will ensure better seeing experience and optical image stabilization as well. Samsung has already developed the ISOCELL technology that is compatible with 13 megapixe land it is working on the 16 megapixel version. So we can expect to see any of them in the latest phone.

In all probability the phone will be square in shape and it is going to have a metal cover instead of a plastic one that we have seen all these days.

Rumour has it that Samsung S5 is going to come with 384 GB of internal memory storage. It definitely sounds impossible, but Samsung is probably using a 3D vertical NAND technology whereby twenty four 16GB chips will be stacked on the top of one another in layers to provide the phone with this huge capacity.

Software Specifications:

Since the Android 4.4 KitKat was released last week, we are quite sure that Samsung S5 is going to be integrated with the latest Android KitKat only. However, we are also been hinted that the S5 phone will be released in two versions one with Android Kit Kat OS and Samsung’s Tizen as well.

We have also heard that Samsung S5 is going to be integrated with eye scanning feature i.e. the users can unlock their phone by scanning with their eyes only.

Moreover, we have heard that this time Samsung is going to launch ‘F’ series instead of continuing with the‘S’ series. As far as the price is concerned, we are not really sure as no indication has been made on this regard by the representative of the brand. We are contemplating the next phone to have all these features as no declaration was made by Samsung itself. We will keep updating the readers with more news as and when we hear it.

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