Prospective Release Date of Samsung Galaxy S5 : is Release in 2013

As the battle between the two super powers in the mobile manufacturing industry continues, in the present round Apple has definitely beaten and overwhelmed Samsung by an immense margin. Lately, we have been tracking the sales figure from the major carriers in US, and their sales graph revealed that consumers aren’t happy with the configuration, specifications as well as the features of Samsung Galaxy  S5. Apple’s iPhone 5 on the contrary, could meet up with the tech specifications as well as the style nerve of the consumers from all over the world, which is evident from its sales figure.Samsung products, which include S4 and other products, contributed less than half of the total sales figure of Verizon total sales figure for this season. This revelation is quite shocking as the market analysts have been predicting from long back that Samsung sales figure is going to shoot up during this time of the year breaking all its previous records.

Samsung S5

Samsung has used many new innovative marketing strategies to bring Galaxy S4 to the limelight, but their attempts to give their product better visibility have failed miserably. As the S4 could not make a mark before the potential customers, this giant mobile manufacturing company came up with a quite a number of variants of S4 like S4 Mini, S4 Zoom and S4 Mega each of them with some special features. However, some or the other controversy surround this phones as well, so these attempt failed to repair the damage as such. However, it has definitely helped in deceleration the sales figure of the S4 in the world market. Under this circumstance, it has become extremely important for Samsung to make haste in launching their next phone so that it can spring back to regain back their position in the market.

Moreover, the next smartphone in the iPhone series is due to release before Christmas 2013. Therefore, the market for S4 will become all the more sluggish. To recover from this slump in the sales figure, a new better, innovative phone with truly smart features is the only way out. A closer look at the S4 smartphone will reveal that the fact that S4 was a replica of S3 with some better features. However, the sales figure of the S4 is a proof of the fact that such innovations were not enough to entice the potential customers. They preferred to continue using their S3 or investing on iPhone 5 rather than investing their hard earned bucks on a refurbished product. At the current scenario there is only one way by which Samsung can recapture their market stake i.e. by launching an awesome Galaxy S5 with cutting edge technology this year itself and thereby give the iPhone 5 the toughest competition ever.


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