Galaxy S5 to have liquid cooling technology

Are your Smartphone over heated? The Smartphones getting more powerful and apps getting more power hungry and 4G fast becoming a common transmission specification for smartphones, So heat problem was expected to worse. But worry not friends, Samsung is working on a cool solution for that, and your Samsung S5 will not have over heat problem.

samsung s5 with water cooling

Samsung feature liquid cooling technology in Galaxy S5. Are you know, what is the Liquid Cooling technology? The liquid cooling technology has ultra-thin pipes containing a liquid coolant which is vaporize upon contact with hot components. The vapor then travels along the heat pipe line to the cold interface, release the latent heat and turn back to liquid and the process is continue on its ways.

Water cooling technology is already used in many high-end Laptops and the technology is super efficient to cool the system, but this technology has not use to in Smartphone world. Some of the smartphones are using this technology and getting good result. For example, NEC Medias X-06E, which will made available on Japanese carrier, NTT DoCoMO, using liquid cooling technology.

According to DigiTimes reports “Currently there are already several cooling module players including Japan-based Furukawa Electric, Taiwan-based Chaun-Choung Technology, Auras and TaiSol Electronics, are developing 0.6mm heat pipes; however, because the heat pipes only have a yield rate of 30 per cent, these players are working aggressively over improving their production currently,” says DigiTimes.

Samsung is trying to give more and more features in its upcoming flagship Smartphone Galaxy S5. We are sure that Samsung Galaxy S5 will feature liquid Cooling technology. So we have a cool Smartphone with Liquid cooling system when the Samsung Galaxy S5 hit the market. Bye-bye over heat problem for Galaxy S5. But there is some technical problem with this technology and Samsung engineers are working to solve this problem.

Are you ready to buy Samsung Galaxy S5 with water cooling technology? Stay connected with us for more detail information and rumors about Samsung galaxy S5.


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