What the Galaxy Note 3 Says About the Samsung Galaxy S5

Today is the world of Smartphone and demand is increasing day by day because of extreme good features. Samsung is one of the best brands in the market for Smartphone android phones. Company has captured the market of mobile phone to the maximum extent and their strong technical team always try to come with new Smartphone with new features. Now recently they have launched Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and this Smartphone will take over Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Company has planned to launch Samsung Galaxy Note S4 in few months and next year they will come with Samsung Galaxy S5.


Samsung Smartphone Note 2 is giving tough competition to iPhone 5 and HTC and now one more Smartphone will join the battle with iPhones. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 was in booming stage last year and it attract everyone all over the world with their extraordinary features. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 was in demand last year because it has many strong features such as best quality camera, slim design, good clarity display, multitasking facility and its most powerful S Pen. Therefore, Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has achieved the success ladder and Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will replace Samsung Galaxy Note 2 later this month.

Features of Samsung Galaxy Note 3

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will be much better in display as compare to Galaxy Note 2 Smartphone.
  • Its storage capacity has increase from 16GB to 32GB; you will get more space of saving files in Samsung Galaxy Note 3.
  • You will find a much better S Pen experience as compare to Samsung Galaxy Note 2.
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is coming with new feature that is Air command.
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has improved the camera feature with 13 MP with 2MP camera in the front for dual recording facility.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will put light on the new device Samsung Galaxy S5 coming next year.

  • Changes in Layout & Design: – Company has made the changes with the Smartphone design and makes it lighter and thinner in Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and as per sources; company will tweak the design and make it lighter and thinner than Samsung Galaxy S4. They are constantly working in the design area and definitely, we will see changes in Galaxy S5.
  • Upgraded Storage Capacity: – Samsung tech team is increasing the storage capacity because there is an increase in App sizes, games are more powerful and operating system needs more space. As the size of storage has increased to 32GB and we would not be surprised if company comes with 32GB or more with microSD card facility in Samsung Galaxy S5.
  • Video Recording 4K Feature: – Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has come with 4K recording feature, which Galaxy S4 does not have. This feature will allow the users to record their video in 4K and can share the moments in the new standard for HD.
  • Upgraded New Core Software: – What we have seen in Galaxy Note 3 the improved core elements and software. You will find Multi-Window view function with enhanced S Pen experience. It has also Air command feature in Samsung Galaxy Note 3. We can see the same and advance features in Samsung Galaxy S5 in the coming next year.

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