Features of Galaxy S5 that given a Tough Challenge to iPhone 6

The long drawn battle between iOS and Android has taken yet another turn with the declaration of the release of Galaxy S5 and iPhone 6 almost at the same time next year. We have already tipped off about the features of both these phones and there is denying the fact that future S5 users will have some major advantages over the iPhone 6 users. So if you are planning to book any of these phones well before its actual release date, here are three reasons why Galaxy S5 is a far better choice in comparison to iPhone 6.



Apart from the awesome features of the hi-tech phone, the appearance of the gadget is also important. We expect to carry around a chic looking device that will attract the attention of others. So do check out the concept model of Samsung S5, you will get to know that Samsung has totally refurbished the looks of the phone by replacing the plastic back cover with a trendy metal cover which has made it all the more trendy. However, the look of iPhone has been almost static with its looks since its first release, only with minor changes. So the question is why would you invest on something that looks so similar?


Each and every phone of the Galaxy series has always surprised us with some new and innovative features that have been added to it. Samsung SV is also going to have many novel features that were not present in any of its previous Galaxy phones. However, Apple has only taken up the initiative to modify and better some of the features already present in its phone, since its first release. Though the iPhone fans have appreciated the voice recognition feature present in the iPhone5, but many mobile phones have this feature from long back. So Apple has given the potential buyers to shift its preference once again.

Colour Preference

The next phone in the Galaxy series will also come in different colours. Therefore, leaving the potential buyers with plenty of choices in accordance with his or her preference. Whereas iPhone 6 is also going to come in the same monotonous black or white colour. So much so that the iPhone cases in different shades and patterns have become quite famous so that the users can come out of this monotony.

Post us which one in your opinion is better than the other and why do you think so. It will be of great help for those who are planning to invest on any one of these two phones. so tell us what smartphone you will buy Samsung Galaxy S5 or iPhone6

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