Face off : Samsung Galaxy S5 Vs Google Nexus 5

An epic war is on cards with the release of two Android phones, namely Samsung S5 and Nexus 5 to be released almost at the same time in 2014. Both Google’s Nexus and Samsung’s Galaxy series phones have a huge market all over the world and the developers of both the brands are trying their best to refine the features of their phones and thus has got involved in a head on clash to win over more potential clients. However, in the midst of this power packed battle the buyers are getting as which one they should invest on to experience Android at its best. Here is a brief comparison between the features of these two phones that will certainly help you to make a better choice.

Samsung S5 Vs Nexus 5

Operating System

Both these phones will be supposedly powered by Android’s upcoming operating system which is been code named Key Lime Pie. However, this OS is still in the developmental process and its release date is also not confirmed by Google. Since, Google Nexus 5 is supposedly going to get released in the last quarter of this year, we are not sure whether Nexus 5 will be powered by a Lime Pie or not. On the contrary, since Galaxy S5 is not going to hit the market before April next year, we can definitely say that it is going to have an upgraded version of Android’s OS.


This is one of the quotient on which the pricey Samsung Galaxy Series phone have been severely criticised. The plastic casing of Galaxy series phones made this hi-tech phone appear cheap. So the developers are planning to replace the plastic with a metal casing that will make it look as cool and chic as the iPhone or the HTC ONE. However, if we are to believe in the rumours, Nexus 5 is again coming with a normal plastic cover. So in this round, the battle has been definitely won by Samsung.

Unique Touchscreen

Smartphone owners have to handle their phone with a lot of care. Not only because they are expensive, but because if your touchscreen gets damaged then it will look grotesque and cannot function properly as well. Hence, the smartphone users have always demanded a more dynamic and flexible touchscreen and they do not have to handle the phone like a fragile piece of Belgium glass. Samsung Galaxy S5 is probably going to have a dust resistant, scratch resistant and waterproof touchscreen. Therefore making it an obvious choice of the clients, against Nexus 5.

Camera Specifications

The Galaxy S5 is going to be integrated with a powerful camera which will make the no less than hi-tech digital camera. This phone is going to come with a 16 MP primary and 5 MP secondary cameras. This is definitely a pioneering feature as no smartphones that are available in the market right now is provided with this smart feature. Though Nexus is also going to come with 16 MP primary cameras, but for video recording it is provided with only 2.1 MP camera.

We will be waiting for your take and opinion on these two phones. So keep sharing your views in the comment’s section. Enjoy!!

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