Benefits of Carbon Fiber body of Samsung Galaxy S5

Every Smartphone manufacturing companies are changing the material of the smartphone. Apple will use carbon fiber and metal for iPhone 6, so this is conform that Samsung next generation smartphone Galaxy S5 will have Carbon fiber body. As we know Samsung itself has accepted that the plastic body in Galaxy S4 was a big mistake, and they do not going to repeat same mistake once again. It time to rectify the mistake and use carbon Fiber in S5.

But the question is what the advantages of Carbon Fiber? And what new features are added in Samsung Galaxy S5 with carbon Fiber body. In this post i talk about the benefit of carbon Fiber body in Samsung Galaxy S5. We know that the carbon fiber is lighter, stronger and fixable, so it takes Galaxy S5 on new level.

The benefit of Carbon Fiber body over Aluminum or plastic body in Samsung S5

  • The phone will get a premium looks, which overcome the biggest drawback of Samsung S4
  • The Samsung S5 will become light weighted so easy to carry and use.
  • The carbon fiber is two times stronger than steel, so the Galaxy S5 will be more stronger
  • Carbon Fiber is easy modeled into any design and shape, so Galaxy S5 will have unique and attractive design.

This is the advantages of Carbon fiber over Aluminum and plastic body. I am excited to use my hand on Galaxy S5. Stay connected with us for latest news and rumors about Samsung S5. If you like our work about news and updates of Galaxy S5, please share this blog with your friends on Facebook and other Social networking Site.

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