Android Milkshake 6.0 in Samsung Galaxy S5?

Google’s Android OS has gained its popularity owing to the awesome features integrated in these platform, user friendly interface, customizable features and awesome appearance. The awesome range of operating systems developed by Google has been one of the primary reasons for the popularity of the smartphones and proliferation of its use among the users. Tech buffs are persistently developing the Android platforms to provide the users with better and more improvised utilities in their phone.

Android 6.0

Such is the popularity of the Android OS that two Android operating systems i.e. Key Lime Pie and Milkshake are lined up for release in the near future. Though we are expecting Key Lime Pie to get unveiled any time soon, but we are not sure about the release date of the Android Milkshake 6.0. Yet the Samsung fans have already started speculating whether Samsung S5 will be loaded with Android 6.0 or not and if yes how is it going to enhance the functionality of Samsung S5. Here are some speculations made by the Android freaks with regard to how integration of Android 6.0 is going to make Samsung S5 all the more grander.

We are expecting Samsung S5 to be power packed with a lot of innovative features. However, without the support of a good operating system, the users would not be able to experience the full functionality of the phone. The OS should support quick switch over between different applications of the phone, better memory and such other features that will enhance our using experience.

Android Milkshake 6.0

Android platforms take a long time to boot up and get ready for use. Therefore, we are expecting the developers to work on this feature as well so that Samsung S5 is ready to be used within 10 seconds from the time we switch on the phone and do not keep us waiting for what seems like eternity. Moreover, they should also make sure that the gadget do not get hung up even with multiple apps are opened in it.

Android platforms have always been highly customizable. This time we are expecting an OS with much more customizable features so that the users can give their phone a personal touch by customizing the icons, home screen and other features of the phone.

These are some of the areas of improvement we are expecting in Android 6.0 and how it is going to enhance your Samsung S5 using experience. Share with us how you would want the Samsung S5 to run and who knows your expectations might be met with by the developers.

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