Advanced Wrap-Around Display Screen for Samsung Galaxy S5

The latest buzz in the tech world is that Samsung Galaxy S5 might come with a wrap-around display screen, thus making the next in line release from brand Samsung i.e. Galaxy S5 the flagship phone of this brand name. However, though reporters have confirmed the news that the developers at Samsung are striving hard to develop this technology, we are not really sure whether we will get to see this feature in Samsung S5 itself. We are sure of the release of Samsung S5 next year with advanced YOUM technology, so we are expecting Samsung S5 to have wrap-around screen as well. Since a cut throat competition exists between the different mobile manufacturing brands, therefore our expectation from Samsung S5 is so high. The release of Samsung S5 with such hi-tech features is certainly going to make it the ultimate smartphonein the mobile market.


Reporters of Bloomberg have informed us that a wrap-around display implies that the touchscreen of the phone will extend on both side of the phone as well. Moreover, on the two thin side displays will be fully functional. Censors will be present on the two sides from where the users can get updates and perform other functions as well.

Confirmation regarding the next smartphone from Samsung integrated with advanced processor, camera and other hardware features were already confirmed by the manufacturer. Moreover, Samsung phones were demeaned from a long time for having plastic back cover. So the manufacturers are refurbishing the look of the phone in totality and replacing the plastic with metallic back cover and thus ensuring that Samsung S5 will give a tough competition to chic smartphones like Sony Xperia, HTC Sense and others.

Moreover, for the first time in the span of eight years Samsung had organised an Analyst Day event where it revealed about some of the advanced technology that it propose to use in its upcoming range of phones. Amongst the proposals made, the best one was the introduction of AMOLED panels with 560 pixel density. Therefore, Samsung phones will move into the genre of being a WQHD phone from a full HD phone. In the future course of time it has also plans to use UHD display in its phones, which though might appear unnecessary but will be definitely a great technological advancement. And with the developers shifting their focus on wrap-around display, a UHD display might turn out to be the right combo and provide the users with the ultimate experience.

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